PrISM Business Management Solutions

Order and organize your business...

Security services ensure that human and system resources are protected from internal and external threats.  

Security can be broken into three primary domains:

  • Physical security - identifies, develops, implements, and maintains security across the organization’s physical elements;
  • Information security - defends information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction; and
  • Cyber security - manages actions that discover, eliminate, prevent, mitigate risk or report on cyber threats, vulnerability or attacks. 

Pragmatica's solution offers the ability to manage the information and workflow associated with managing all three elements of Security.  

Our business continuity solution helps businesses capture how they work and what information is critical for business success so when a critical company Executive (CEO, President, CFO, etc) is leaving or wants to retire you do not lose your “corporate” knowledge and ensure your business continues without interruption.

Leveraging the knowledge of the experts on our team to rapidly order and organize the services in your business - we ensure no element is overlooked. 

The PrISM business management platform provides the place where your business can work and collaborate through actionable “living” documentation and ensure optimal business continuity.



The Pragmatica Innovations team offers multiple services that support optimal management of business functions. These services combined with our PrISM product line are what we define as Solutions