PrISM Business Management Solutions

Order and organize your business...

Organize and Order – Work and Collaborate

From the organization to the systems and facilities that enable your business - to an integrated enterprise information management (EIM) and collaboration (ECM) platform - Microsoft SharePoint.    This creates a seamless path between the physical documents and files in your office to the same structure replicated in an encrypted, password protected workspace where employees can access everything they need to do their work and nothing more. PrISM provides the structure to organize information while color coding establishes an orderly office. The PrISM Enterprise Suite replicates the structure of your office files and works with applications you already use to create, share, edit, plan, schedule, collaborate, poll, coordinate, search…the list goes on.

We Get You There, With You First

We provide easy to use folders and document templates for structuring your back office to bridge from the physical world of file cabinets to the digital world of computer technology.  Using our Business Optimization Method (BOM) we will help you Discover, Implement, Analyze and Optimize your business so that the PrISM solution is the right fit for your business right now.   We shape the model to you, rather than force you into someone else’s “box”.  That way you know where you can grow, mature and achieve industry certifications for your business with our Enterprise Maturity Model (EMM).  No matter how big you grow, know your back office is there to support your business with the same model regardless of your size.

Pragmatica Innovations Service Model (PrISM) structures the traditional business back office as seven core service areas representing uniquely named functions ordered by color for quick identification and training.  PriSM goes beyond the physical world to enable your office in the cloud. Its structure and organization is replicated online in a collaborative platform that supports better communication, storage, and process for your business. The back office revealed through the ‘lens’ of PrISM is ordered, organized and optimized. Pragmatica Innovations WhitePaper - The Structure of Success