PrISM Business Management Solutions

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Pragmatica Innovations White Paper - The Structure of Success.

  Pragmatica Innovations Service Model (PrISM) provides a business management platform through seven core service areas representing uniquely named functions ordered by color for quick identification and training.  PriSM goes beyond the physical world to enable your office in the cloud. Its structure and organization is replicated online in a collaborative platform that supports better communication, storage, and process for your business. 

Pragmatica Innovations Service Model (PrISM) Solution

  The utility & flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint coupled with Pragmatica Innovations Service Model make PriSM a rapidly extensible enterprise solution.  PriSM is one segment of Pragmatica Innovation’s suite of solutions that connect data to decisions based on real-time content.  

SecureM - Security Information Management for Security Professionals
  A comprehensive Security Information Management suite for Security professionals makes SecureM the perfect solution to ensure your business is compliant with all elements of security. SecureM is one segment of Pragmatica Innovations Service Model (PrISM) suite of solutions that is enabled through our business management platform.

Business Continuity Solution

   Our ongoing comprehensive Business Continuity Program ensures that necessary steps are regularly taken to (1) identify and assess probable accidents, disasters, emergencies, and/or threats and their possible effect, (2) produce recovery strategies and plans, and (3) implement and test program elements through personnel guidance, workflow and policy. 

PrISM Business Assessment Overview

   The assessment shows what information is available to do work, not how well the work is being done. Process improvement efforts benefit by insight into a standard naming structure, quantity and nature of available information. The establishment of an information structure based on the services allows process improvement to concentrate on the production of types of information in addition to focusing on how to accomplish a set of tasks.

Enterprise (Content) Information Management (ECM/EIM) Solutions
   Pragmatica Innovations provides a complete set of Enterprise Content and Information Management ECM/EIM services from solution design, development and deployment to training, mentoring and education.  A diverse array of optimized and repeatable methodologies is used for every client engagement, providing the maximum investment value.  Customers may choose to engage with our team to begin a new program implementation, select services when expanding their enterprise, or blend our services with an integration partner.