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Enterprise Maturity Management

Business optimization is a method of achieving targeted improvement.  When we think of improving the entire company, we realize this about optimizing the entire service model to a meet a level of performance.   In PrISM, we understand that enterprise maturity is achieved by improving both the physical structures around your office as well as the digital information maintained in your shared environment.  Both are achieved through process definition and maturity.   As the processes improve, as more services are engaged, as more information is moved from a physical to a digital environment the enterprise matures.  

It is not an event that takes place with an announcement or a deadline – but understanding it has been achieve only when certain conditions are met.  An enterprise matures at the pace of the slowest critical resource whether they are human or system.  Maturity is about making the enterprise and its resources work as one – the realization that you have teamed not only with each other but with PrISM.  It is the model that provides a common language – speeds decisions and exposes threats, and that it is now the measure of both you and your competitor’s ability to take advantage of opportunity and finally to investors it makes a clear statement of what you are capable of today and will be capable of tomorrow.

Let us work with you to optimize each level of maturity, know what is next and move clearly and quickly.

Back Office Outsourcing

For many growing companies balancing the needs of production and the back office is a challenge.  Arriving at a new level of business maturity or implementing different strategies can create risk.  These can be overcome by having others participate in the back office.  Outsourcing is simply another resourcing decision.  The advantages of a defined task and work period, instant access to skilled personnel, minimal management burden makes an attractive alternative.

Let our professional team help you thorough difficult transitions, train and develop your staff or simply be a member of your team.  We come ready to work, with experience from other peer PrISM customers.

Record Management

Documents and files are simply evidence.  An artifact that witnesses and attests to an information record associated with a process.  We maintain records and documents through independent lifecycles of creation, refinement, acceptance and retirement.  PrISM provides the structure for a sound record management program that shows the lifecycle of information that is supported by physical and virtual artifacts that prove its current state.

These two lifecycles must be defined and present for record management to work.  Without knowing the result of a document approval and how that affects the current condition of a type of information, we simply are file clerks and not information managers.  You cannot support business optimization or maturity development without knowing the information model.  We will help you use PrISM to guide and define the information of your enterprise, the documents and records that support it and the processes that must be controlled and optimized to improve it.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Every business process is enabled by resources that represent the investment of funds and the commitment of the enterprise to a strategy.  Without a clear understanding of the dependencies of processes as well as the dependencies of resources to those processes, making management decisions is based on clairvoyance not science.  You cannot defend a feeling when making a business decision about spending resources that affect either the efficiency of your back office or production services.

The PrISM Model is an enterprise model of the structural resources within processes. Humans, systems, facilities and, as we have come to realize more and more – information, are all resources.  The development, acquisition, allocation and transition of resources require a clear structure to understand the concepts and utility of each to prevent one good decision from creating another problem.  We can show you how PriSM will allow you to identify, organize and optimize your company with confidence.

Information Security 

As a company grows, maintaining security structures in the workplace can become complex and difficult to maintain.  Access and permissions to information should be based on a plan, not a whim.  PrISM provides a structure that organizes the back office around core service areas that are decomposed into more discrete types of work and information.  It is analogous to an office plan with each service site in the cloud representing an independent office connected to others through defined workflows.  Security implementation in a structured environment is infinitely easier because it may be implemented with role and group permissions rather than individual access. By simple assignment to roles and groups, an individual can confidently work within a service area and still access information in the other service areas at an appropriate level to their authority and requirements.

The PrISM implementation hosts this security structure in a cloud-based environment that is secure, redundant, encrypted and accessed through protected communications.   Continuity of operations, redundancy, emergency services and the physical security of the information hosting service facilities ensure your information is not so much on a cloud…but in a fortress.

PrISM Tuning

The PrISM Model is your structure for work and information. As you grow, it grows to meet you.  In the beginning, you might not have a lot of information or even use all of the services in the model. We also know that having a clear idea the next level of controlling a service is best presented in a model that shows the next step before you take it.

As you grow and develop your capabilities, we will be there with you to extend the model and transition operations, develop new workflows and dashboards.   Think of PrISM as your blueprint for the back office and build with confidence.  Nothing says more about your ability to share a vision and gain consensus, investment, and agreement than a visual presentation of where you are, how well each area is performing and what is going to be built next.

Business Optimization

PrISM provides structure to measure and improve your business back office.  Unlike the emphasis on production quality, execution improvement and efficiency, PrISM focuses on the back office – where profits are spent, not made.   Optimizing the back office reduces overhead, increases responsiveness and improves relationships for your employees, vendors, and partners.  You can make the greatest product in the world, but unless you can support it with equally capable back office services, you cannot sustain operations. 

PrISM has its own Business Optimization Model that integrates with the service model to measure and improve back office services at all levels of enterprise maturity.  It is not just about being good when you are a small growing company; it is about making sure your back office maintains a pace with your company strategy by providing efficient, stable processes to support the flow of resources to your production.  PrISM is not a tool – it is a toolbox that organizes information and work in a way that allows the back office to be there in support of your production so you never outgrow your foundation.

Analysis and Strategy

Strategy is an expression of the direction of a company as well as the methods by which to achieve that movement.  Too often strategy is not shown integrated into the very processes we perform.  That is because without structure it is impossible to objectively show a direct line between strategy and production.   Rather than force a relationship that isn’t explainable or defensible – as in countless businesses that attempt “mapping” strategic goals to production and products – PrISM allows a more nuanced and precise approach.  

Products and production are the result of processes requiring resources for their execution.  Those resources are present because of a financial investment.  Capital and non-capital investments must come from funds programmatically aligned to strategy as a basis for their allocation.   Strategy provides the direction for change – investment (both in funds and enterprise commitment) provides the controls for moving there.

Let us help you use PrISM to produce a clean, clear alignment and analysis of strategy to budget to resources and finally to production.  This makes objective, rational decisions possible.  Rapidly move and adapt with confidence to a decision that will not introduce an unanticipated problem.

Business Continuity
No other vendor provides a flexible platform to manage all the elements of your business management with the flexibility that PrISM offers. 

In large information technology environments, personnel turnover is inevitable and must be planned as part of business continuity. The solution to the problems associated with turnover is complete and up-to- date documentation. This ensures that new personnel will have the information they need to quickly become knowledgeable and productive with respect to the business functions they are tasked to support. This also implies that business function related documentation is largely generated (rather than written) from existing systems and managed in an automated manner.

Our PrISM business continuity service helps businesses provide for information resilience, recovery and contingency so your organization can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters is able to recover to an operational state within a reasonably short period.

Actionable “living” documentation is a core element of what the Pragmatica team brings to the table through our business continuity solutions.

Compliance Certification

You have made your company great.  Professional certification and compliance is one way you tell the world and gain more business.   PrISM provides the structural foundation for many of the most recognized certifications. 

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process improvement appraisal program required by many DOD and U.S. Government contracts for companies engaged in software and systems development, services and acquisition.
The ISO 9000 set of quality management system standards is designed to help organizations support customers and while meeting the compliance requirements of a product.

PrISM enables you to structure your business and information to quickly achieve these certifications.  The CMMI and ISO 9000 certifications both require an information structure.  When your information populates PrISM, you have already achieved an important prerequisite for certification.

Finally, the importance of personal information security in banking, insurance and medical industries cannot be minimized.  PrISM provides individual, user and group security for permissions and access to sensitive information.  It is maintained in a secure environment and enabled by encrypted, secure communication paths. 

Let us help your company get the recognition it deserves and the capability of pursuing business opportunity in lucrative environments.  We can identify requirements, present and implement plans that can take you through the process of achieving these world-class measures of professionalism.

Business Dashboarding

Your information – your way – understood by all.  The PrISM model provides a consistent lens through which to view your business.   Be precise and use a service model to organize information and workflow relationships.  Over 120 services and numerous workflows provide detail and discrete inspection of your operations.

A dashboard is only as good as how well you understand what you are seeing and more importantly, how well others understand what you are seeing.  PrISM provides a common language and a defined structure not only for the office files, folders and the information maintained in the cloud, but management decisions and alignment.

It allows you to see down through each service.  When coupled with defined workflows it shows how information moves across the model in dependent work.   It is not simply a statement of process; but instead, it identifies the requirements for each service to function.   Trace the origin of variance that exists beyond the service itself.

A dashboard is more than columns of numbers or actual values.  At its core, a dashboard should be a set of indicators that express how the business is doing.  The PrISM model provides the structure to explain why. 

Let us design, build and deploy the dashboards that will provide you with the information you need to manage the processes and products you provide.