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Before we meet, the business will complete a short questionnaire to define the nature of its company and industry.  Such questions as the number of employees, how many years in business, and number of back office personnel should be provided. Leadership, management and other key personnel should attend the kickoff so we may meet and address issues to support a rapid, but not disruptive assessment.  It takes about 2 hours to make observations of the back office files, directories and interview personnel.  When complete, we retire and conduct analysis off site and arrange to meet again at a future date to present the results.

Information will be assessed by measures which are Objective (same, similar, divergent, redundant), Subjective (good, bad), Quantitative (count, measure), and Qualitative (structured, ad hoc). We will determine how many services are identified in the business structure and how that matches to the name, purpose and association with the model.   This is an indication of the transition effort required to better fit the model in terms of evolving the company information structure over time.

During the assessment we will estimate the type, volume and counts of physical paper, storage space, files and the equivalent digital structures to estimate the content maturity for the particular industry and give a rough level of effort required to archive, store or convert or baseline information.

The results are provided as graphics, presentations, and a narrative summary. First, each Service Area is graphically presented as a pie chart with the physical and digital information mix presented as percentage.  For each Service Area there will be a comparison of the content mix to other industry businesses.  The second graphic presents an Enterprise Maturity Model (EMM) Scale and the collective position for the entire company.